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Made in USA for Over 40 Years

The SportCord was developed in the early 1980's by physical therapist Topper Hagerman and athletic trainer John Atkins as a means to keep the US Olympic Ski Team in shape while traveling. It proved to be an effective tool for maintaining strength and rehabilitating athletic injuries, and is now used by athletes and physical trainers worldwide.

SportCord was one of the first stretch cord exercisers, and is still the best, due to its unwavering commitment to quality and functionality.
sportcord handle

SportCords Are Built Tougher to Last Longer

SportCord uses a bungee-type resistance cord that's constructed from multiple strands of rubber and covered by a tightly-woven, high-strength nylon jacket. This protective jacket does four very important things:
  1. It extends the life of the rubber core by shielding it from oxygen and UV light.
  2. It prevents any rubber from contacting the user. (Important for latex-sensitive individuals.)
  3. It prevents sudden breakage of the cord. (The jacket will support the cord's full load even if all of the core's rubber strands break.) 
  4. It signals when the cord needs to be replaced. (Cuts and other localized damage to the cord will cause the jacket to fray long before the cord is weakened.)

SportCords Provide the Perfect Resistance for Any Exercise

SportCords are available in four different color-coded resistances:
Resistance Cord Typical Application
 Red = extra-light resistance   early-stage orthopedic rehab
 Green  = light resistance upper body exercises for most women
 Blue = medium resistance upper body exercises for most men
 Black = heavy resistance lower body exercises and tethered running

SportCord Accessories are Versatile and Easy-to-Use

The ends of SportCord's cords are terminated with steel snap links, which connect to steel D-rings on SportCord handles and other accessories. This attachment system provides a strong, secure connection, and also makes it easy to change from one accessory to another. With a resistance cord and four basic accessories, you can quickly set up dozens of different exercises.
sportcord door anchor
Door Anchor
Use the Door Anchor to secure either the middle or end of a resistance cord to a doorway, column, or railing.
sportcord handles
Deluxe Handles
Exceptionally strong but light in weight, SportCord handles feature steel D-rings and firmly cushioned grips.
sportcord wide adjustable strap
Wide Adjustable Strap
This accessory replaces a handle on certain exercises, to comfortably secure the SportCord to your wrist, arm, thigh, ankle, or foot.
sportcord adjustable waist belt
Adjustable Waist Belt
This belt adjusts to fit any waist size, and features a durable quick-release buckle. Use it to attach the SportCord to your waist or hips for tethered running, lunges, and lateral movements.

SportCords Are Available in Complete Kits or as Individual Parts

To find your nearest SportCord retailer, please see our Where to Buy page.
sportcord deluxe quad pack
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