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SportCord Exercises

Before You Begin

Warning: Improper use of any stretch cord exerciser can cause injury. Inspect your SportCord and all accessories prior to each use. Make sure all parts are secure and in good condition before beginning.

Below are illustrations of some of the most common SportCord exercises. Detailed descriptions of these and other exercises are provided in the instruction booklet included with each SportCord purchase. For additional help with your exercise program, please consult a physical therapist or athletic trainer. They can provide instruction most specific to your individual needs.

Leg Exercises

one legged squat
One-Legged Squat
leg curl
Leg Curl
ankle rotation
Ankle Rotation

Hip Exercises

hip extension
Hip Extension
hip adduction
Hip Adduction
hip abduction
Hip Abduction

Back Exercises

seated row
Seated Row
shoulder shrug
Shoulder Shrug
back extension
Low Back Extension
torso rotation
Torso Rotation

Chest Exercises

chest press
Chest Press

Arm Exercises

bicep curl
Bicep Curl
tricep extension
Tricep Extension
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